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Wood Floor Restoration

Wood floors are a classic addition to any home or office, and fit with any design aesthetic. It’s a common choice for its versatility and high quality, but wood flooring requires care and maintenance if you want to keep it in good condition. After a while, your wood floor may even require repair or a full restoration to make it functional and safe again. Old wood floors that are dull, full of scratches, and even have broken blocks don’t just look bad, they also pose a hazard with splinters and uneven flooring. Restoring wood flooring can have a dramatic impact not only on your floor, but also on the entire room it’s in.

Wood Floor Restoration Service

As wood flooring experts who’ve provided expert flooring services and advice to residential and commercial customers for many years, Horizontal Matters has the knowledge and experience to carry out professional wood floor restoration. Our service includes sanding wood floor repair as well as floor polishing, and replacing planks or blocks that are damaged. We start our process by visiting your property to assess your wood flooring, and consult with you about polishing, sanding, and repair to determine which of our services are most suited to your flooring. We’ll give you a quote on our services based on this consultation and provide the highest attention to detail every step of the way.


Over 30 Years Experience

With more than thirty years working in the flooring business, we’ve become a leading flooring restoration company in North London. We’ve carefully built a reputation for exceptional customer service, professional advice, and competitive pricing.

man installing engineered laminate wood floring indoor

Wood Floor Repair

To keep your wood floors looking as pristine as the day you installed them, they may require restoration and repair. Floorboards can crack, break, or take on other damage that requires replacement. If you’ve done any renovation to your building, it’s likely your wood floor has suffered some damage as a result of plumbing works or removing walls. You may also have loose floorboards from failure of the bitumen or general wear and tear. Wood also naturally expands and contracts due to central heating, which may also lead to loose planks or gaps. Whatever your wood flooring problems, and no matter what kind of wood floor you have, our wood floor repair service can get it back in top shape.

Wood Floor Polishing

Your old wood flooring may be in a simple need of polishing to bring out the fine wood grain and make it shine again. Cleaning and polishing wood floors should be done with care, however, so as not to damage the wood. We can advise you on the best wood floor cleaners to keep your floor as flawless as possible. We also offer professional cleaning and polishing. Polishing differs from varnishing or sanding, because it does not remove the wood’s existing sealant, but rather protects it. We provide polishing alongside our other restoration services – sanding and repairing – for a complete overhaul of your wood flooring.


Wood Floor SandinG

Old wood floors that contain many cracks or scratches may be in need of sanding. Sanding smooths the surface of your wood and strips away any old varnish or lacquer that might still be there. With our sanding and restoration service, we’ll help transform your wood flooring so it looks as good as new. After years of spills, moved furniture, and foot traffic, wood floors can look dull and professional sanding helps bring it back to life. At Horizontal Matters, our sanding experts take great care to ensure your wood floor is sanded properly, and apply a finish afterward to help protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood & Laminate Floors

Yes. There are many sound reducing underlays on the market which can be incorporated into the installation. These will offer a sound reduction of between 10 to 43 decibels.

Most manufacturers’ guarantees would be invalid if new underlay is not used.

Yes, but in most cases for wood it must be an engineered product, and you must use an appropriate underlay specifically designed for the purpose.

This would be due to excessive moisture. If you are using a mop to clean your floor ensure it is well wrung out before you start.

All wooden floors must be laid with room for expansion. There are various ways of concealing the expansion gap and we can happily show you all the various options.

Unless great care is taken with a wooden floor it is very likely to scratch. If you have a ‘shoes-off’ policy in your house this would reduce the likelihood of scratches, as will a strong doormat to catch loose grit at the entrance. In the case of laminates, they are highly scratch resistant.

Most wooden floors are more or less maintenance free but you should always follow the manufacturers recommended guidelines for maintaining your floor.


‘Tracking’, as it is known, may occur in high traffic areas, and will depend on the type of carpet you select. Carpets that are denser are less likely to track. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring it is recommended that carpets are vacuumed twice a week to lift the pile, and we also recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The average life span is 7 years although there are a lot of new carpets on the market that give a 10 year guarantee.

Depending on the type of carpet being installed either plywood or hardboard can be applied to the floorboards prior to your new carpet being fitted.

Yes, you can but low tog underlays must be used which will allow the heat to penetrate through to your room.

There are specialist underlays available that reduce this type of noise and we would be happy to provide advice to you if this is a concern.

Most manufacturers’ guarantees would be invalid if new underlay is not used.

What our clients say...

Raj Bhatt | Property Associates

I just wanted to thank you for providing a high-quality service with complete professionalism in our recently completed development in Finchley. You followed up on my referral immediately and came on-site within a week and then provided a competitive quote within a few days. We scheduled a time to fit and you arrived promptly to complete the job. I was …

Mrs Goodman, North Finchley

Delighted with my new Lounge carpet, supplied and expertly fitted by Horizontal Matters – highly recommend the service, choice and fitting

Beach Body Boot Camp

Dear Stuart I would like to thank you for the fantastic floor you fitted in my studio. I needed an extremely durable one which will last a long time in the gym environment. I was going to buy this floor from a builders yard hoping to get the best quality high density floor for my money. Luckily, I asked your …

M&Y Interiors

I called Stuart Gaylor to ask him a last minute favour, I needed two large properties measuring for carpet and had been let down by my usual fitter. Stuart leapt to the challenge and booked out six hours of time to do the job in the time scale needed. He went to both properties, measured meticulously and sent over a …

Neil Freeman

Stuart and Jenny fitted hallway, stairs and landings carpet. Could not be more pleased with the result. They are also extremely pleasant and professional people to deal with. Highly recommended.

S. A.

Dear Stuart I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent job you did supplying and fitting the carpets for my new house. Choosing the carpet was made very easy by you and your knowledge, explaining to me which carpets I could have that best suited the house, my budget and other requirements. I was impressed by the selection …

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