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Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiles consist of square-cut rolls of carpeting installed from wall to wall and fitted together to cover the flooring of an entire space. They come in other shapes besides squares, such as hexagons or triangles, in order to make more intricate patterns. Carpet tiles are a versatile flooring option and used most frequently in commercial settings such as bars, hotels, conference centres, and restaurants. You can easily substitute carpet tiles for wall-to-wall carpeting in most spaces and they’re easy to install. Carpet tiles also offer a great deal more flexibility in your design choice, allowing you to create a unique flooring concept that is as sleek and modern as it is comfortable and cosy. At Horizontal Matters, we offer premium carpet tile installation throughout London, Essex, and Hertfordshire.

Over 30 Years Experience

With more than three decades of experience providing carpet tiles and flooring to homes and businesses across London, Horizontal Matters have become leaders in the flooring industry. We’re one of the top flooring specialists in North London who provide unbeatable customer service, expert advice, and competitive pricing.

Carpet Tile Fitters

Although carpet tiles are relatively easy to install, you still need professionals to fit your flooring. If you have an unconventional room and the size doesn’t lend itself easily to a carpet tile pattern, you can benefit from expert fitting service. We ensure your new carpet tile flooring is installed properly, with careful attention to detail and minimal disruption to your home or office. Our fitters will make sure that your new carpet tiles will look exactly as you pictured them. We also recommend professional fitting if you want your carpet tile flooring to hold up for a long time, and not have to replace it any time soon. The Horizontal Matters team will ensure your new carpet tile flooring is exceptional. 

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Carpet Tile Installation Process

We’ve become a top flooring company in North London because we have a streamlined installation process. The first step is visiting your property to do a full assessment. We look at the rooms that need new flooring to ensure they’re suitable for carpet tile flooring and if they are, we take thorough measurements. After we’ve measured, we can provide you with a complete estimate of our installation services.

We leave the timeline of your carpet tile flooring installation up to you. If you have more than one room requiring new flooring, you can choose to have them all done the same day or we can return over multiple days to finish the job. Whatever schedule you choose, our workers will always be respectful of your space and clean up thoroughly before leaving.

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Commercial Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for many types of commercial spaces, including hotels, convention centres, doctors’ offices, and much more. When your business chooses carpet tile flooring, you want your space to feel modern and comfortable for your clients and customers. To ensure everyone feels at ease in your business, you want carpet tile flooring that’s installed correctly and up to safety standards. Our commercial floor fitters will install your carpet tiles so they not only look exquisite but also stand up to the foot traffic your business gets on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood & Laminate Floors

Yes. There are many sound reducing underlays on the market which can be incorporated into the installation. These will offer a sound reduction of between 10 to 43 decibels.

Most manufacturers’ guarantees would be invalid if new underlay is not used.

Yes, but in most cases for wood it must be an engineered product, and you must use an appropriate underlay specifically designed for the purpose.

This would be due to excessive moisture. If you are using a mop to clean your floor ensure it is well wrung out before you start.

All wooden floors must be laid with room for expansion. There are various ways of concealing the expansion gap and we can happily show you all the various options.

Unless great care is taken with a wooden floor it is very likely to scratch. If you have a ‘shoes-off’ policy in your house this would reduce the likelihood of scratches, as will a strong doormat to catch loose grit at the entrance. In the case of laminates, they are highly scratch resistant.

Most wooden floors are more or less maintenance free but you should always follow the manufacturers recommended guidelines for maintaining your floor.


‘Tracking’, as it is known, may occur in high traffic areas, and will depend on the type of carpet you select. Carpets that are denser are less likely to track. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring it is recommended that carpets are vacuumed twice a week to lift the pile, and we also recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The average life span is 7 years although there are a lot of new carpets on the market that give a 10 year guarantee.

Depending on the type of carpet being installed either plywood or hardboard can be applied to the floorboards prior to your new carpet being fitted.

Yes, you can but low tog underlays must be used which will allow the heat to penetrate through to your room.

There are specialist underlays available that reduce this type of noise and we would be happy to provide advice to you if this is a concern.

Most manufacturers’ guarantees would be invalid if new underlay is not used.

What our clients say...

S. A.

Dear Stuart I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent job you did supplying and fitting the carpets for my new house. Choosing the carpet was made very easy by you and your knowledge, explaining to me which carpets I could have that best suited the house, my budget and other requirements. I was impressed by the selection …

Simon Miller

Horizontal Matters is led by Stuart Gaylor, an experienced floor specialist. I have known Stuart for what must be 10 years. He will offer you a great choice in flooring, a very good fitting service, all with grace. My practice has recommended Stuart and his team for years, and will keep doing so. If you are thinking of a new …

Raphael Phillips

I have used horizontal matters on a number of occasions. Stuart and his team are fantastic. Very reasonably priced for the high-quality service and products that we received. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Trust Property Management

Dear Stuart, Thank you for installing the door mat at Abercorn Place. This was by any measure a small job but one which has a dramatic effect on the building being bespoke with the number ‘29’ cut into it. Thank you very much for agreeing to take on this low value commission, it is typical of your willingness to assist …

Beach Body Boot Camp

Dear Stuart I would like to thank you for the fantastic floor you fitted in my studio. I needed an extremely durable one which will last a long time in the gym environment. I was going to buy this floor from a builders yard hoping to get the best quality high density floor for my money. Luckily, I asked your …

Neil Freeman

Stuart and Jenny fitted hallway, stairs and landings carpet. Could not be more pleased with the result. They are also extremely pleasant and professional people to deal with. Highly recommended.

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